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Welcome to EyeStudy.Org

This is the home of EyeStudy and EyeTeach classroom management, elearning and resource sharing tools for teachers!

Helping you keep an "Eye" on your students :-)

What is it? How does it work?

  • EyeTeach is a program you run on your Windows PC and EyeStudy is an app that runs on the student's laptop, iPad, Ipod or android device.
  • You can see what the students are doing, send them web pages, set exercises, discuss things in a forum, and write notes (like a blackboard), and mark essays. 
  • It adds an electronic classroom to your existing physical classroom in one easy step!

Watch a 4 minute youtube clip showing EyeStudy and EyeTeach in use!

How does it work?

  • You download and install the EyeTeach module to your computer/laptop in your classroom.
  • Your students download the free EyeStudy App for their Laptop, Android or iPhone/iPad/iPod touch... And then start the app when they enter your classroom.
  • The devices then automatically find and connect to each other creating an electronic classroom.

What can you do with it?

  • It lets you see the screens of every student to spot which ones are stuck or need help (or are asleep)
  • It tells you if students run apps you have not approved :-) or visit websites you have banned.
  • You can open a web page on every student's device instantly.
  • You can quickly and easily create or download  or publish a module to teach something.
  • Each student can work through the modules you've set them in their own time.
  • You get a summary of the results from each student's work.
  • Students can message you with private questions.
  • Students can discuss things together in a group discussion on their devices.
  • You can share a 'blackboard' of notes with all students.

Note: EyeStudy/EyeTeach is currently free!

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